Salt Lake Temple

Unearthed in Salt Lake Temple renovation project, foundation stones link past challenges with present ones A look at the four-year renovation project at the nine-month mark, with attention given to strengthening the temple's foundation prior to extensive excavation work.
‘This will be an incredible opportunity’: Iconic Salt Lake Temple to hold public open house in 2024 In four years when renovations are complete, the Salt Lake Temple will open its doors during a public open house to people of all faiths or no faith.
Take a look at the project renderings for the Salt Lake Temple renovation The Church released details and project renderings for the planned Salt Lake Temple renovation in a Newsroom release on April 19. President Russell M. Nelson announced that the Salt Lake Temple would close on Dec. 29, 2019.
Boyd Matheson: Looking to sacred places and spaces Boyd Matheson: The difference between an old building and a building that is historic is what happened on the inside. Winston Churchill famously said, "We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us."
FAQ: What to expect from the upcoming Salt Lake Temple renovation Here are some questions and answers that will hopefully help those following the renovation of the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square to better understand how the project will unfold in the coming years.