Spoken Word

‘Music & the Spoken Word’: Prayer and work "Prayer and work are so often close companions," Lloyd Newell shares in this week's "Music & the Spoken Word." "We trust that God, in His goodness, will answer our prayers, even while we do all in our power to make good things happen."
Lloyd Newell marks 30 years of sharing the ‘Spoken Word’ — and he’s still creating them in the pandemic Lloyd Newell's 30th anniversary as the official announcer for "Music & the Spoken Word" was on March 31, 2021. He's still creating them in the pandemic. Do you have a favorite?
Music & the Spoken Word: ‘First in the hearts of his countrymen’ In this week's "Spoken Word," the imprint that George Washington left on the lives of the people who knew him — and, indirectly, on every American ever since — is more important than having his name on stamps, money, cities and buildings.