First Presidency announces some temple baptistries to open for small groups — including youth Phase 2-B of temple reopenings, announced Monday by the First Presidency, opens the way for members with limited-use temple recommends to participate in proxy baptisms.
11 facts about the Los Angeles California Temple in honor of its 65th anniversary In the opening dedicatory session, President McKay said, "This is one of the most memorable dedicatory services, if not, in many respects, the most memorable temple dedicatory service ever held in the Church."
First Presidency announces Salt Lake Temple changes — increasing capacity, impacting live sessions; Manti temple next for renovation The First Presidency announced modifications to the Salt Lake Temple renovation affecting live sessions, the cafeteria and the murals. The Manti temple will also be renovated.
What 3 Apostles taught at RootsTech about temple and family history work during the pandemic With a unique global gathering and presentation, the 2021 Temple and Family History Leadership Instruction meeting featured Elder Bednar, Elder Renlund and Elder Stevenson.
Salt Lake Temple renovation update: Roof upgrades, stone removal and tunnel drilling Removing stones from the top of the temple for cleaning, upgrading the roof and drilling the tunnel are ongoing this month in the Salt Lake Temple renovation project.