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Education Week

BYU Education Week administrator Bruce Payne gives a glimpse into the planning, facilitating and learning involved in producing the program every year

The week includes thousands of participants, hundreds of teachers, a variety of classes and a devotional from an Apostle.

Searching latter-day teachings and scriptures will provide evidence to strengthen faith, taught instructors at BYU Education Week.

Seek to remember God’s eternal plan while recognizing that others are on a journey with their own questions, taught instructors at BYU Education Week.

A BYU Education Week presentation highlighted tools to help with one’s personal history, family history and genealogical records.

What were the most-purchased ice cream flavors and sweets, final attendance numbers, demographic breakdowns and such?

BYU Education Week instructors list the ways to increase happiness.

A multi-day course at BYU Education Week covered “YSA Survival 101: Navigating the Dating World.”

‘Rising generation’ of 14 to 18 year olds — 900 strong in 2022 — are becoming the program’s next generation of attendees.

A BYU Education Week presentation by the Church’s disability specialist highlighted resources for members with disabilities.

Understanding science and the gospel will help build emotional resilience amid challenges such as stress, depression and anxiety, taught instructors at BYU Education Week.

Elder Clark G. Gilbert, Church commissioner of education, spoke at BYU Education Week about why there are so many BYUs.

In a campus devotional, Elder Quentin L. Cook explained how prophetic direction provides immunity and protection.

The Young Men and Primary general presidencies pleaded with parents and leaders to maintain focus on the Savior.

The campus-wide event from Aug. 15-19 has attendees from several U.S. states and countries.

“We teach about Jesus Christ no matter what we are teaching,” said Sunday School General President Mark L. Pace.

Patrons first went to Brigham Young University for Leadership Week in January 1922.