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General Conference

What has President Nelson invited Latter-day Saints to do? Here is a look at some of his invitations since becoming Prophet in January 2018.

As nice as it is to watch general conference at home, here’s how being present in the Conference Center for one session of general conference was a blessing for one Latter-day Saint family.

View or download an updated chart that includes the most recent leadership changes from October 2022 general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Overcoming the world through covenants, following the Savior in every footstep and putting trust in Him were among invitations extended during general conference.

Short video highlights, stories and testimonies augmented messages after each session of conference concluded.

As a service to our readers, the Church News has created a downloadable PDF summarizing each talk offered during general conference.

The 35 conference messages are available in English, with Spanish and Portuguese expected by this weekend.

This episode includes a recap of messages from Church leaders during the October 2022 general conference.

Several leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spoke about the trials of life and how to overcome adversity during the October 2022 general conference.

Pachuca, Tula, Toluca and Cuernavaca are each less than 30 miles from the center of Mexico City.

The geographic breakdowns, firsts, multiples and more of the temples President Nelson has announced in less than five years.

“Take charge of your own testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel,” President Nelson said.

Speakers at October 2022 general conference pointed to Jesus Christ and His Atonement, saying covenants and following Him bring rest, peace and joy.

View coverage from October 2022 general conference including talk summaries, session highlights, photo galleries, news and announcements from the event.

Many Latter-day Saints worldwide reacted to the new temple locations with tears of joy. Here’s what they said.

“The Savior will not tolerate abuse, and as His disciples, neither can we,” President Russell M. Nelson said.

President Russell M. Nelson taught that making and keeping covenants brings peace and “rest” in a challenging world.

The newest season will have nine episodes with new releases coming each Friday through November

“I pray that you have recorded your impressions and will follow through with them,” said President Nelson.

“I promise that increased time in the temple will bless your life in ways nothing else can,” said President Russell M. Nelson.

President Russell M. Nelson closed the October 2022 general conference with an invitation to “focus on the temple.”

“We all need to seek our own testimony of Jesus Christ, bridle our passions, repent of our sins, and find peace through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and be true to God and His work,” said Elder Quentin L. Cook.

As individuals take opportunities to share their testimonies, they will be able to nurture and keep “this most precious possession,” said Elder Gary E. Stevenson.

“Whatever the source of our challenges, they can be a golden opportunity to grow,” said Elder Isaac K. Morrison.

“Experience the virtue of the word of God, particularly through the Book of Mormon, every day of your life,” said Elder Mark D. Eddy.

“Just as Jesus knows each of us by name, one way we can come to better know Jesus is by learning His many names,” said Elder Schmitt.

“How grateful we are that God so loved us that he sent His Son. He is the answer,” said Elder Olsen.

“The Savior knows your struggles in detail. He knows your great potential to grow in faith, hope, and charity,” said President Henry B. Eyring.

The Sunday morning session of October 2022 general conference included talks from President Russell M. Nelson and three members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

“Because Jesus Christ overcame this world, you can too,” said President Russell M. Nelson.