Learn about the smartphone apps that could help relieve anxiety, depression

Smartphones aren’t all bad — with the right apps, they can help monitor not only physical health but also mental wellness, reported BYU Magazine.

According an article citing the National Institute of Mental Health, 18 percent of adults currently suffer from anxiety. And that’s not including the 6.7 percent struggling with depression and the millions afflicted with phobias and attention-deficit disorder.

Although therapy is a good option for some, a more cost-effective option is available with smartphone apps. Plus, the added benefit of flexibility and accessibility makes it a viable option for those who otherwise might not seek help, BYU health-science professors stated.

“We’re finding that mobile phone apps increase people’s confidence that they can change,” professor Joshua H. West, who has been studying the apps, told BYU Magazine. “In a lot of ways they’re like a good therapist or a good coach, except apps are available 24/7, and users don’t have to worry about any judgment if they fall short. It’s all just between them and their cell phone.”

Apps created to improve lifestyle and mental health can do almost anything, from teaching breathing techniques and providing guided meditation to decreasing negative thoughts and helping prevent suicide. Some apps can also help keep track of physical health, such as counting calories and tracking the number of steps an individual takes during the day.

Read the entire article for app suggestions and how smartphone apps can relieve anxiety.

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