The ins and outs of LDS Charities and what it provides across the globe

For more than 30 years, LDS Charities has worked across the globe to assist and partner with governmental ministries, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), religious organizations and community-based organizations. Millions worldwide have been helped in areas of self-reliance, decreased suffering, sustainability, personal responsibility and community support.

The following are considered LDS Charities’ signature areas:

Emergency response

Whether it be natural disasters, civil unrest or famine, LDS Charities helps with immediate, life-sustaining resources — food, water, shelter, clothing, and supply kits for medical, educational and hygiene needs. Volunteers help with supply distribution and cleanup efforts.

• Assisting 175 countries and territories since 1985

Benson Food Initiative

Through projects of food production, food storage and nutrition training, LDS Charities targets families as well as works with organizational partnerships in working toward local solutions and resources.

• 31 countries and territories since 2006

Vision care

Besides providing equipment, supplies and organizational support to eye-care professionals and programs, LDS Charities also offers training and volunteer time to help prevent avoidable blindness and visual impairments.

• 73 countries and territories since 2003

Maternal and newborn care

The curriculum emphasis of “Helping Babies Breathe,” “Essential Care for Every Baby” and “Helping Mothers Survive” underscore how the training and donated equipment benefit both the care and resuscitation of newborns as well as maternal survival following birth.

• 92 countries and territories since 2003

Clean water and sanitation

Fresh-water systems, community latrines and proper hygiene training are the result of efforts blending local community participation of time and skills coupled with the providing of proper equipment and materials.

• 76 countries and territories since 2002


With a particular focus on children, immunization efforts help preserve life and protect health, as LDS Charities assists global immunization partners in vaccine procurement and delivery, disease monitoring, outbreak response and healthcare training.

• 45 countries and territories since 2003


Those with physical disabilities are served as LDS Charities helps to provide manual wheelchairs and walking aids appropriate to individual needs and circumstances. Where possible, LDS Charities looks to support any local production of wheelchairs.

• 133 countries and territories since 2001

Refugee response

In helping support refugees and displaced persons around the world, LDS Charities joins local and global partners in responding with immediate relief, long-term aid and resettlement support.

• 119 countries and territories since 1985

Community projects

Specific needs are met on the community level as LDS Charities support and assist local organizations.

• 173 countries and territories since 2001

Source: 2017 LDS Charities Annual Report

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