Since October, LDS Charities has donated $1 million to American Red Cross for typhoon relief. Here’s who it has helped

LDS Charities joined the American Red Cross in aiding with typhoon recovery efforts in the Northern Mariana Islands, according to a news release posted on Newsroom on Jan. 24.

In October 2018, Typhoon Yutu hit the islands of Saipan and Tinian, which are located in the central Pacific and are a commonwealth of the United States. Since that deadly tropical cyclone hit, the Church has donated over $1 million to the Red Cross for disaster relief.

Newsroom reported, "The Church provided $10,000 in cash to cover fuel and supplies for volunteers immediately following the storm. In November, $100,000 worth of commodities were sent to the area. In December, $900,000 was spent on relief supplies and the deployment of emergency personnel."

The article also quoted Don Herring, chief development officer at the American Red Cross: “The Red Cross is proud to count LDS Charities as a partner as we work together to provide thousands of people throughout the Northern Mariana Islands with much-needed support.”

The mission of LDS Charities includes relieving suffering after natural disasters, civil unrest or famine around the world. They supply food, water, shelter, clothing and medical assistance when local resources are strained.

Read the full news release here.