Latter-day Saint Charities responds to coronavirus, assisting with commodities and financing worldwide

In helping address global health concerns, Latter-day Saint Charities is assisting with commodities and financing worldwide — from Asia to North America and into Europe and the Middle East — while working with Church canneries and food-processing plants to help meet increased needs.

In a post titled “Emergency Relief Efforts and Hope During COVID-19,” on the organization’s website, Latter-day Saint Charities acknowledged providing support, supplies and funding to date in Cambodia, China, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Italy, Iran, Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam.

That includes providing medical and emergency supplies and commodities to healthcare professionals and patients; training for healthcare professionals in offering physical, mental and emotional support to those who are struggling; and funding and supplies to help with the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

It also noted that the Church’s canneries and food-processing plants have adjusted production schedules to help meet increased needs, making products and goods available as needed to Church leaders, community agencies, school feeding programs, food banks and other partners.

Latter-day Saint Charities’ work with partners worldwide maximizes its effort and reach, and the organization continues to evaluate new projects and consider help in additional locations.

Inside a Church cannery in Harrisville, Utah.
Inside a Church cannery in Harrisville, Utah. Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

“We anticipate responding for months to come as families, communities, and nations band together to address the long-term effects of the virus,” the post stated. “Strengthening and supporting each other long after the news cycle ends is part of the mission of Latter-day Saint Charities.”

Latter-day Saint Charities expressed appreciation for its partnerships with governments, international non-governmental organizations and others contributing to solutions. The organization also thanked donors who contributed well before the pandemic ever began, allowing for funds and commodities to be available for immediate response, without delay.

The post also listed ways individuals can help during the pandemic:

  • Be a good global citizen.
  • Follow World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to help reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Check on neighbors and friends in the community while practicing safe methods of interactions.
  • Use technology to help stay connected and remain positive.

“This is a time when every person can do something, and kindness is evidence of who we really are,” the blog post concluded.

In its 2019 Annual Report released last month, Latter-day Saint Charities documented its efforts last year in 142 countries and territories. In all, Latter-day Saint Charities completed 3,221 projects working shoulder-to-shoulder with 2,000 partners.

Emergency response efforts included 194 projects in 64 countries and territories, while international community projects totaled 994 in 107 countries and territories. Community projects in the United States and Canada were done in 42 states and provinces.