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Young single adults from Nordic countries make new friends and grow spiritually during Festinord, a yearly YSA conference.

The Church and UNICEF are focusing on maternal and neonatal tetanus — a preventable, but very deadly disease that tends to affect child-bearing women and their children.

The 21st annual “Luz de las Naciones” (Light of the Nations), will feature a cast of 1,000 volunteer musical artists in traditional clothing celebrating music and dance from an array of Latin American countries.

Elder Papa Fe’iloaki, 22, died shortly after being admitted with a fever and pneumonia.

Fifty years ago, the archipelago was home to a tiny branch. Soon it will have its own temple.

“Thank you for being on the covenant path,” Elder Ardern told the youth.

73 were baptized on June 24 in Makurdi and another 37 in Jos in the West African nation

Members of the Praia Cape Verde Stake are ministering physically and now spiritually to prison inmates.

Other projects include donating mobile hospitals, helping reconstruct quake-damaged hospitals and donating housing containers and air conditioners.

From Canada to Guam, young single adults all over the world are gathering to share their love of Jesus Christ and the gospel.

Nearly 40,000 children will receive malaria immunizations after a Church donation to Gavi, the vaccine alliance.

See how many volunteers and organizations used the JustServe website and app in 2022.

See how the Church is strengthening families, communities and youth in Australia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Italy and Spain.

Then Elder Spencer W. Kimball organized the first stake in Seoul South Korea in 1973. Now, 50 years later, Latter-day Saints remember the country’s pioneers and look to the future.

Maryam Akbari came to the U.S. with only a few of her family members. Now she’s furthering her education after receiving help from the Church’s Humanitarian Center.

Sister Ouattara is one of 132 members of the Church in Mali and only the second missionary ever called out of the West African country.

More than a month after the super typhoon hit, Latter-day Saint volunteers in Guam are still helping to clear debris and assist others in obtaining food, water and clothing.

Latter-day Saints helped clean up a community park in Ecuador, made washable feminine hygiene kits in Australia and planted trees in the Philippines.

Covenants bring increased power and capacity, said President Camille N. Johnson in meeting for women in Haiti.

“It was a great blessing to be here. FSY has helped me grow spiritually,” said one of the more than 300 youth who participated.

Pedro Ordoñez shares how the EnglishConnect program is changing his life.

The first facility to host For the Strength of Youth conferences in Asia opened outside of Manila, Philippines. Leaders expect that 7,200 youth and leaders will use the 24-acre camp each year.

Education Week, promoted by the Church’s Self-Reliance in Brazil, is an online event for those seeking professional and academic information and opportunities.

Educators, religious leaders, government and community leaders from around the world met at the fifth annual Strengthening Families Conference in Abuja, Nigeria, to discuss issues relating to families.

The Church provided the largest volunteer group at the Special Olympic World Games 2023 — young adults representing 48 countries.

From providing wheelchairs in Peru and Belize to sight-saving surgeries in Ghana, see how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is partnering to reach those in need of medical aid and services.

One mother’s example in Benin, Africa, shows how CARE and the Church build nutrition and self-reliance.

See how recent donations from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and service from members are helping women and babies in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Philippines.

From donating breast cancer screening equipment to helping prospective missionaries, the Church in seven countries has pushed forward with medical related humanitarian initiatives this spring.

“I don’t think there is another organization that has saved more lives through blood donation,” says Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross.