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Combined efforts of missionaries, local leaders and members result in 104 people being baptized in Mangu, Nigeria, in March and April.

A 40-foot container behind a Church meetinghouse contained emergency supplies before cyclones hit the South Pacific.

Since the Church was given legal recognition in 2018 in Senegal, the country has grown to 257 members. In April, the West African country had its first ever youth conference.

John Dau and his wife, Martha Akech, were among thousands of Sudanese refugees who survived starvation, dehydration, disease and violence. They recently attended the Richmond Virginia Temple open house and dedication.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to collaborate with organizations to provide relief.

From new school buses to playgrounds to prosthetics, the Church has sought to serve those in need in several Brazilian cities.

Church donations increased self-reliance by helping women entrepreneurs, schools, patients and others in several cities in Peru.

The Takoradi Ghana Stake Center hosted this year’s Eid Mubarak Festival as other Church members around the world also gathered with their Muslim neighbors.

Examples in Papua New Guinea and Liberia highlight the work the Church of Jesus Christ and WaterAid are doing to change lives.

“What a joy to walk where our fellow apostles lived and walked and to feel their lives and feel what happened to them,” Elder Uchtdorf said.

Teresina, Natal were among 15 cities listed worldwide during April 2023 general conference.

Latter-day Saints collect food and clothing, make deliveries and perform labor to serve people who lost their homes and possessions.

Biblical sites can provide “spiritual echoes” and “visual clues’” — not only to those touring the sites but believers from half a world away.

Their efforts over the last two years will come to fruition this August, when the pageant runs in England

Hospital equipment, wheelchairs, prosthetics and neonatal resuscitation training will help people in Ghana, South Africa and the Ivory Coast.

The Church and Water for People work together to help people have access to safe water in their communities.

President and Sister Ballard were mission leaders in Canada from 1974 to 1977. “The maple leaf will live in your hearts the rest of your lives,” he told current missionaries.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf taught how “discipleship is a state of being” at Jerusalem Center devotional and Jerusalem District conference.

A Cambodian hospital that burned down in 2018 has reopened and doctors in another region of the country improved their surgery skills through the Church’s Cambodia Health Improvement Effort.

An earthquake, cement factory and portable baptismal font are all part of the story of the Church in Armenia.

Donation is an answer to prayer, a pediatric doctor said.

The core doctrine of Jesus Christ “is more solid and more firm than the Giza pyramids. It is real to us, and we can trust it,” Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf says during ministry in Egypt.

Serving the Egyptian capital of more than 20 million — Africa’s largest metro area — are the Cairo Branch (English) for nearly 50 years and the Nile River Branch (Arabic) for several years.

RootsTech creative director Jonathan Wing and music artist Adassa tell the story behind the RootsTech 2023 theme “Uniting,” the surprise performance and why it was meaningful.

Sister Craig and Sister Wright witnessed humanitarian efforts, while the Church hosted a job fair, donated wheelchairs and gave equipment to a shelter.

See photos from official visits with the First Presidency.

The donation helps the Red Cross purchase and distribute food and water in country in the Africa Central Area.

Miss Teen Philippines Hawaii, a member of the Church, feels serving others is a way to show Christ-like love.

Elder K. Brett Nattress, the Church’s Pacific Area president, offered a message and the dedicatory prayer at the April 8 ceremony for the Port Vila Vanuatu Temple.

In March and early April, the Church donated to organizations in several Brazilian cities.