From the Vault: Sheri Dew's 'You Were Born to Lead, You Were Born for Glory'

Sheri Dew, President and CEO of Deseret Book Company and former member of the Relief Society general presidency, addressed students during a 2003 devotional at Brigham Young University about the importance of seeking the power of God. This power, Dew said, is essential for members of the Church as they face trials that test their faith.

“There will be days when you feel defeated, exhausted, and plain old beat-up by life’s whiplash. People you love will disappoint you — and you will disappoint them,” she said. “You’ll probably struggle with some kind of mortal appetite. Some days it will feel as though the veil between heaven and earth is made of reinforced concrete. And you may even face a crisis of faith. In fact, you can count on trials that test your testimony and your faith.”

But members do not have to be discouraged by life’s obstacles, Dew continued. In her talk “You Were Born to Lead, You Were Born for Glory,” she reminded listeners of God's ultimate trust in them and that they can reach their divine potential.

“The simple fact is that our Father did not recommend Eve or Moses or Nephi or countless other magnificent exemplars for this dispensation — He recommended you and me,” she said. “Do you think God would have left the last days to chance by sending men and women He couldn’t count on? A common theme of patriarchal blessings given to men and women your age is that you were sent now because our Father’s most trustworthy children would be needed in the final, decisive battle for righteousness. That is who you are, and it is who you have always been.”

Dew then listed four principles for listeners to follow as they navigate life's challenges:

1) God wants a powerful people.

2) He gives His power to those who are faithful.

3) We have a sacred obligation to seek after the power of God and then to use that power as He directs.

4) When we have the power of God with us, nothing is impossible.

Elaborating on these points, Dew stated the importance of understanding true doctrine through scripture study. Obedience, repentance and faith will also bring increased access to the power of God, she said.

“I have learned for myself that this is true — that because of our Father and His Son, we don’t have to run this last strenuous leg of the relay alone,” Dew said. “We have access to the greatest and grandest of all power. And when we have the power of God with us, we truly can do all things — including everything we were born to do. And we were born to lead. We were born for glory.”

Read the entire talk here.

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