From the Vault: Camilla E. Kimball's 'The Hope of Tomorrow'

On Sept. 6, 1980, Sister Camilla Eyring Kimball, wife of President Spencer W. Kimball, gave a devotional to students of Brigham Young University entitled “The Hope of Tomorrow.”

In her address, Sister Kimball stated that she had a particular love for the university, as she enrolled there at age 17 after her family fled their home in Mexico due to a civil war.

According to, Sister Kimball also attended the University of California at Berkley and Utah State Agricultural College in Logan, eventually teaching school at the Millard Academy in Hinckley, Utah, and at the Gila Academy in Thatcher, Arizona. She was also awarded Exemplary Womanhood awards from both Brigham Young University and then-Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho.

“As we look about us at the lack of love of God or of fellowmen in the world today, we realize that failing to keep these commandments has brought the world into the state of war and contention in which we find it,” she said. “What can we as individuals do about this situation? Our responsibility begins with ourselves. Can we look in the mirror at ourselves and see reflected one who has accomplished self-mastery? Are we honestly able to look to the welfare of our neighbors and to be as concerned about them as we are about ourselves?”

Sister Kimball went on to stress the importance of responsibility and that it is essential in finding true joy.

“The primary concern of each of us is to put our own lives in order,” she said. “We are accountable primarily to ourselves for what happens to us in our lives. The source of real happiness comes from within. We are responsible for our success or failure.”

Reminding students of their divine identity, Sister Kimball also entreated them to consider the road ahead and to make choices that align with His plan.

“Take a long look at the future. Life is eternal,” she said. “You are your own constant companion through every day of life and throughout all eternity. You cannot escape yourself. You could make choices that might give you a thrill for the moment, but what will be the lasting result? We are spirit children of heavenly parents and have great potential. We all can communicate directly with Heavenly Father, and He is just as close as we will let Him be.”

Sister Kimball then spoke on the topic of God’s plan for His children, and how marriage and family are ordained by Him. Although the roles of husband, wife, father, and mother in particular have their respective challenges, she affirmed that they are necessary for the success of mankind.

“He has designed that we, as men and women united by the bonds of eternal marriage and strengthened by the bonds of love and companionship, can build a family unit and thus carry out the Lord’s design for the fulfillment of the destiny of the human race,” she said. “No sacrifice is too great to protect our families from evil and to rear them in righteousness.”

Read the full devotional here.

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