Church releases trailer for new Mormon Messages featuring Sister Reyna Aburto

The Church recently released a trailer for a new three-part Mormon Message to be released on July 19. The clip features Sister Reyna I. Aburto sharing some difficult experiences in her past.

"I have gone through very hard times — the scars are still there, the consequences, the pain is still there," she said in the video. "But the Lord has ... allowed me to have joy in this life."

In the beginning of the video shared on, Sister Aburto recalls a story about a landmark church building in Dresden, Germany. During World War II, the Church of Our Lady was destroyed, but locals decided to rebuild it. Some of the stones used in the reconstruction were originals, charred black from the earlier destruction.

"I realized that my life is like that church," Sister Aburto said in the video, adding that the Lord has helped rebuild her life and give her joy.

Sister Aburto has served in the Relief Society general presidency since April 2017. Originally from Nicaragua, she lived through a period of civil unrest and attended a university there before coming to the United States.

She was invited by missionaries to attend church while living in California and was baptized at the age of 26. Sister Aburto served on the Primary general board before being called to the Relief Society general presidency.

Learn more about the upcoming video messages here.

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