Ministering to the Caribbean: General women leaders visit six countries in 10 days

As part of a recent 10-day visit to the Caribbean Area, Sister Christina B. Franco, second counselor in the Primary general presidency, and Sister Becky Craven, second counselor in the Young Women general presidency, met with Church members in Haiti, Guadeloupe, Barbados, Saint Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico.

As Mormon Newsroom detailed in their report of the visit, Sisters Franco and Craven began their visit with three days in Haiti. There they visited the temple site, which is currently under construction, and held meetings and training for members.

With a focus on ministering to one another and being flexible in addressing the individualized needs of those around, Sister Craven was cited by Mormon Newsroom as stating that, "Ministering is about love and being a friend and inviting others to participate, and is about helping each other."

Their final stop on the tour was Puerto Rico, a country with more that 23,000 Church members, which suffered the devastating effects of two hurricanes within the last year. Members there are still working to recover from the damages and losses caused by those disasters. Missionaries from the Church returned to the hurricane-damaged area less than six months ago.

In a video interview with Mormon Newsroom, Sister Franco described how the tour of the area impacted her. "I have been greatly impacted by the way they know how to minister among themselves," she said, speaking of Church members in the Caribbean Area. "It's not important to them that they have lost things. They give and continue giving."

The 10-day tour provided the opportunity for the Church leaders to serve as an example of what it means to minister to members in their homes and serve both the temporal and spiritual needs of one another.

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