This week on social: What a plane ticket, a road trip and an errand teach about staying closer to God

Sharing personal revelatory experiences, Church leaders posted on social media about the importance of following promptings, studying the gospel and staying on the covenant path.

Following the Face to Face event on Sunday, Sept. 9, Elder Quentin L. Cook answered a few more questions in videos posted on the Apostle’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

In answer to the question, “What inspired the book ‘Saints’ to be written?” Elder Cook responded, “The First Presidency commissioned ... 'Saints,' and it was the First Presidency that decided it would be a narrative style because they wanted it to be accessible. They wanted people to read it, but they wanted it to be really documented, so it came directly from the First Presidency. As Kate (Holbrook) said, it took six years to write, and it was actually a few years before that the First Presidency gave approval for it to go forward. Isn’t it an amazing book?”

Kimberly Gerber asked: “What inspired the book ‘Saints’ to be written?”

Posted by Quentin L Cook on Sunday, September 9, 2018

Accompanying a picture of Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s leather-bound Bible, the Instagram account of the Apostle shared his testimony on the power of scriptures on Sept. 9.

“I remember when I turned 12, I asked my parents for a new leather-bound Bible. Those scriptures are now worn — from years of my own studying and from my children using (and misusing) them — but I still treasure them. The scriptures are where my conversion continues to expand and deepen,” the post reads.

On Sept. 7, the Twitter account of Elder Ronald A. Rasband posted a message of gratitude for the public's support of the National Weekend of Prayer.

“I am filled with gratitude to see our community come together in love and unity in support of the National Weekend of Prayer for Faith, Hope, and Light," the post read. "Please join with others to support this worthy cause. We can make a difference and offer hope and help to those in need.”

The Instagram account of Elder Gerrit W. Gong shared on Sept. 12 how promptings can prepare individuals for what Heavenly Father knows is ahead in their lives. In this post, Elder Gong recalled two instances of promptings he had received that he initially thought little of. One was to use his frequent-flier miles to upgrade his parents’ airplane tickets for their visit to his family in Virginia. The other came while he and his father were running errands during that visit.

“Somewhere between the laundry and the grocery store, I had a quiet feeling my father would not visit again,” the post read.

A few months later, Elder Gong’s father unexpectedly died. According to the post, “I cried for many days. But as I looked back, I realized I had been lovingly prepared in advance. Earlier small promptings regarding plane tickets and running errands later provided great comfort.”

On Sept. 7, the Instagram page of Elder Ulisses Soares shared some thoughts on on the Apostle’s recent trip to Brazil with President M. Russell Ballard. On Instragram, the post was also translated into his native language, Portuguese.

“My wife, Rosana, and I wept when we saw our fellow Brazilians, who we love so dearly, during this visit. We saw so many people who have had a great, positive influence on us,” the post read.

During a “home evening activity” broadcast to Church members across the country, Elder Soares felt God’s love for each of the many Brazilians watching, and a desire to testify that He is real.

“I testify to you that He listens to our prayers in every moment of our lives, no matter the circumstances. We can trust in His love and His willingness to bless us.”

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ENG: Last week I had the privilege to accompany President M. Russell Ballard on his trip to Brazil. It was my first official visit to my home country since being called as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. My wife, Rosana, and I wept when we saw our fellow Brazilians, who we love so dearly, during this visit. We saw so many people who have had a great, positive influence on us. We met with missionaries and members in several meetings, including a home evening activity, which was broadcast throughout the country. As I thought about all the many Brazilians watching, I felt God’s love for each of them and my desire to testify that God is real, that He lives and loves us. I testify to you that He listens to our prayers in every moment of our lives, no matter the circumstances. We can trust in His love and His willingness to bless us. After all, He is our Father and has an unconditional love for each one of us, His children. . POR: Na semana passada tive o privilégio de acompanhar o Presidente M. Russell Ballard em sua viajem ao Brasil. Foi minha primeira visita oficial ao meu próprio país desde que fui chamado como membro do Quórum dos Doze Apóstolos. Minha esposa, Rosana, e eu choramos de emoção durante essa visita ao encontrarmos nossos queridos amigos e irmãos brasileiros, a quem amamos tanto.  Encontramos muitas pessoas que tiveram uma influência positiva em nossa vida ao longo de nossa jornada no Brasil. Somos gratos por elea e por seu exemplo de fé. Nós nos reunimos com missionários e membros em diversas ocasiões e locais. Realizamos uma noite familiar que foi transmitida via Facebook para todo o país. Ao pensar em todos os nossos queridos brasileiros que assistiram a esse evento via Facebook, senti claramente o amor que Deus tem por deles individualmente. Sinto o desejo de testificar que Deus é real e que Ele vive e nos ama. Testifico que Ele ouve nossas orações em todos os momentos de nossa vida, independentemente das circunstâncias em que estamos vivendo. Aconselho todos a depositarem toda sua confiança no amor de Deus e no Seu desejo intenso de nos abençoar. Afinal de contas Ele é nosso Pai Eterno e ama incondicionalmente cada um de nós, Seus filhos.

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The Facebook page of Sister Michelle D. Craig, first counselor in the Young Women general presidency, posted about President Russell M. Nelson’s invitation for the youth to keep on the covenant path.

“I thought of my own path and the things I need to do to honor my covenants and repent when needed. So, what does repentance look like on the covenant path?” the Sept. 12 post read.

She compared life to a scenic road trip back to Heavenly Parents. The road will be bumpy and rough in places, but if one gets lost, he or she does not go right back to the beginning of their journey to start over.

“Likewise, when we repent, we’re not going all the way back to where we first began the journey," the post read. "We are simply adjusting our course back home. And we can count on divine help! We have a Father in Heaven who knows and loves us perfectly, even when we wander off the path.”

When President Nelson invited the youth to join the Lord’s Battalion, I felt a rush of excitement like I hadn’t in a...

Posted by Michelle D. Craig on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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