Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf: ‘Believe, Love, Do’

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Notable quotes:

During his October 2018 general conference address, Elder Uchtdorf spoke about finding healing, peace, happiness, and meaning:

  1. “This very day — every day — He reaches out to you, desiring to heal you, lift you up, and to replace the emptiness in your heart with an abiding joy.”
  2. "The gospel of Jesus Christ offers hope. And, in the Church of Jesus Christ, we join with others who seek a place where we can feel at home — a place of growth where, together, we can believe, love and do."
  3. "I am grateful beyond measure to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to know that God loves His children enough to give them a blueprint for happiness and meaning in this life and a way to experience eternal joy in halls of glory in the life to come."

Talk summary:

With life’s sorrows, sadness and “weltschmerz” — a German word meaning the sadness from brooding about how the world is inferior to how one thinks it ought to be — there is hope.

That great hope is the transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Savior’s redemptive power to heal "soul-sickness." Latter-day Saints achieve a more abundant life by not focusing on their own needs or achievements but by becoming true disciples.

Discipleship begins with three simple words: believe, love, do.

Believing God leads to faith in Him and trusting in His word. Faith causes hearts to grow in people's love for God and others. As that love grows, they are inspired to emulate the Savior as they continue their own journey on the path of discipleship. "We find the abundant life by forgetting ourselves and engaging in the great cause of Christ."

Promised blessings:

“I testify and leave you my blessing that as we believe in God, as we love Him and love His children with all our hearts, and strive to do as God has instructed us, we will find healing and peace, happiness and meaning."

Humorous moment:

Elder Uchtdorf noted the recent and renewed emphasis on ministering, or serving others:

"Great thought was taken to determine what we should call this special emphasis. One of the names considered was 'shepherding,' a fitting reference to Christ's invitation, 'Feed my sheep.' However, it had at least one complication: using that term would make me a 'German Shepherd.' Consequently, I am quite content with the term, 'ministering.'"

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  • His Facebook account recently shared a message about building bridges with all people.
  • On Twitter, Elder Uchtdorf shared a similar sentiment reminding members to never forget who they are.

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