Elder Steven R. Bangerter: ‘Laying the Foundation of a Great Work’

General Authority Seventy

Notable quotes:

Elder Bangerter spoke during his general conference address about teaching children:

  1. "As parents in Zion, we have a sacred responsibility, a duty to awaken within our children passion and commitment to the joy, light and truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ."
  2. "Consistent, wholesome family traditions that include prayer, scripture reading, family home evening and attendance at Church meetings, though seemingly small and simple, create a culture of love, respect, unity and security."
  3. "The things we talk of, the things we preach and teach determine the things that will happen among us."

Talk summary:

Traditions established within the home ingrain strong characteristics of goodness in children that give them strength to confront the challenges of life.

"Lessons taught through the traditions we establish in our homes, though small and simple, are increasingly important in today's world."

Prayer, scripture reading, family home evening and attendance at Church meetings help create protection from the fiery darts of the adversary.

"As we establish wholesome traditions that teach the doctrine of Christ, the Holy Spirit bears witness of the truthfulness of our message and nourishes the seeds of the gospel that are planted deep in the hearts of our children by our efforts all along the way."


Elder Bangerter spoke about the "subtle, yet meaningful" traditions his family has. What traditions does your family have that helps reaffirm the value of gospel doctrine? What traditions would you like to implement?

  • "Every parent faces moments of frustration and varying levels of determination and strength while raising children. However, when parents exercise faith by teaching children candidly, lovingly and doing all they can to help them along the way, they receive greater hope that the seeds being sown will take root within the hearts and minds of their children."

Speaker snapshot:

  • Elder Steven R. Bangerter is one of the newest General Authority Seventies. He was sustained on March 31, 2018.
  • The Bangerter family motto comes from 3 John 1:4: "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."
  • Elder Bangerter served in the Canada Vancouver Mission. His mission president, John Taylor, inspired him to go on and earn a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Arizona State University.
  • In 1993 Elder Bangerter received a juris doctor degree from the Western State University College of Law.
  • For the last 25 years, Elder Bangerter has represented churches and faith-based organizations throughout California and surrounding regions.
  • He and his wife have six sons and nine grandchildren.