Elder Dale G. Renlund: ‘Choose You This Day’

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Notable quotes:

A few memorable quotes from Elder Dale G. Renlund’s October 2018 general conference address:

1. “Personal choice was — and is — vital to (God's) plan, which we learned about in our premortal existence. We accepted the plan and chose to come to earth.”

2. “Agency allows us to choose to get on the path, or not. It allows us to get off, or not. Just as we cannot be forced to obey, we cannot be forced to disobey.”

3. “From God’s perspective, through sincere repentance and pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ, once back on the path, it will be as if we were never off.”

Talk summary:

Choices determine who a person is, and who he or she will become.

“We need to choose whom we will serve. The magnitude of our eternal happiness depends on choosing the living God and joining Him in His work.”

Agency is essential to following the Father’s plan.

“Heavenly Father’s goal in parenting is not to have His children do what is right; it is to have His children choose to do what is right, and ultimately become like Him. If He simply wanted us to be obedient, He would use immediate rewards and punishments to influence our behaviors.”

God desires, expects and directs His children to choose for themselves. He does not force obedience.

“So, choose faith in Christ; choose repentance; choose to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost; choose to conscientiously prepare for and worthily partake of the sacrament; choose to make covenants in the temple; and choose to serve the living God and His children.”

Promised blessings:

Elder Renlund shared many thoughts on how Church members will be blessed by utilizing the Atonement of Jesus Christ by “deciding to change and return to the path.”

“Choosing to follow the Father’s plan is the only way we can become inheritors in His kingdom; only then can He trust us to not even ask for what is contrary to His will.”

Speaker Snapshot:

  • Elder Renlund has served as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for three years.
  • He served his mission in Sweden.
  • Elder Renlund also served in the presidency of the Africa Southeast Area and held a Face to Face in the Accra Ghana Missionary Training Center, where he answered direct questions from the youth there.
  • He attended college at the University of Utah where he received a B.A. and M.D.
  • After his studies at the University of Utah, Elder Renlund also went to John Hopkins for further medical training.
  • He was a professor of Medicine at the University of Utah and medical director of the Utah Cardiac Transplant Program.
  • In 1977, he married Sister Ruth Lybbert. They are the parents of one daughter.

On the Web:

  • Elder Renlund also talked in another Instagram post about his trip to Bolivia and trusting in God when things don’t go as planned.

Speaking out:

  • Elder Renlund has addressed suicide prevention in new Church videos. Watch his message here:

Did you know?

  • Elder Renlund’s parents were from Finland and Sweden and emigrated to the United States to marry in the Salt Lake Temple.
  • Elder Renlund recently visited Japan and was reunited with former patients for whom he performed heart surgeries when he worked at several Utah hospitals in the 1990s.
  • Elder Renlund and his wife, Sister Ruth Renlund, recently spoke at a Mission Leadership Conference in Provo, Utah, about cultivating Christlike attributes.