Watch this moving video of President Eyring paint, talk about the ‘magic’ and ‘faith’ in his watercolors

There's a moment when every artist knows that a painting is complete. For President Eyring, second counselor in the First Presidency, it's nothing more than a moment, but that moment means everything.

"You wait for a moment when you feel magic," he said. "Do you know what I mean? When you sort of say, 'Ahh.'"

In a video that was posted on Facebook, President Eyring talked about his love for watercolor and his need to be inspired about the subjects he paints in every piece.

"I have feelings when I paint certain kinds of things and I can't do it unless I have something I care about, and so I prayed," he said, referencing a particular painting he did of two Latter-day Saint women in Tonga. "I can't just go do a picture to do a nice picture."

President Eyring also said that it takes faith to step away from a finished painting, for the artist to trust when it is complete.

"The danger is, of course, if you keep going, waiting for the magic to come, you mess it up," he continued. "You've got to have faith in that first wash, or maybe the second wash — you've got it."

The Apostle has completed over 1,000 paintings in his life, having picked up the art form — which he considers to be a type of journaling — in the mid 1970s.

A new exhibit, "A Visiual Journal: Artwork of Henry B Eyring," featuring President Eyring's watercolors is now open and free to the public on the second floor of the Church History Museum. The exhibit will run from Nov. 8 through Jan. 21, 2019.