Watch Sister Sharon Eubank speak at UN summit on refugees, preventing religious discrimination

Sister Sharon Eubank, director of LDS Charities and first counselor of the Relief Society general presidency, spoke at a recent conference held at the United Nations in Geneva.

During the Second Global Summit on Religion, Peace and Security, Sister Eubank referenced the Church’s history as refugees and spoke about the importance of reaching out to those in similar conditions today, the Daily Universe reported.


Posted by AIDLR on Monday, April 29, 2019

“Minorities and refugees and migrants have in common one thing, and it is that their dignity is at risk, and their otherness and their acuteness makes their needs particularly vulnerable. And even worse, it often turns them into targets and scapegoats,” she said. “It is precisely in reaching out to these others that you see dignity come alive and are reminded about what democracy should mean and what development can mean and what development can mean.”

According to Newsroom, Sister Eubank also spoke about the role of both government and religion working together in society.

"The good that religion can do, especially when it comes to … sustainable development goals, is amplified if religious groups work in partnership with each other, and with governments and non-governmental actors."

Additionally, she talked about preventing hate speech, religious intolerance and discrimination by being “authentic” examples of one’s faith.

“The best answer to Islamic extremism will be authentic Islam, just as the solution to Christian extremism will be authentic Christianity,” she said. “It will be the best of faith that defeats distorting versions of religious belief.”