Video: Australian Church members share how they accept President Nelson’s invitation to ‘come unto Christ’

A new Church News video highlights how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a refuge for people of all cultures and backgrounds.

Footage of the video includes scenes of Church members from Sydney, Australia, who testify of the unity that comes from living the principles of the gospel.

“It’s incredible to see people from different places but with the same religion,” said one Church member. “You will feel connected. And it’s incredible that the principle of our Church is to love everyone, because Heavenly Father loves everyone.”

In the video, President Russell M. Nelson talked about the importance of making places of worship as well as homes a place of peace and rest.

“The scriptures call it a refuge from the storm. And that’s exactly what our chapels, what our homes should be, is a refuge from the storms of life,” he said. “Our message is applicable to people of every nation, every kindred, tongue, and it’s an invitation to come unto Christ and let Him make life better for you.”

During his Pacific Ministry Tour, the prophet spoke in Australia on how happiness comes by choosing “the way of the Lord.” He also spoke about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

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