This Week on Social: Watch missionaries sing the U.S. national anthem at a Houston Astros game

This week on social media, Church leaders shared experiences that show how small and simple things can make a difference in the lives of others.

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles recently threw a strike for the ceremonial opening pitch at a Houston Astros game on July 22. That same night, 150 missionaries from the Texas Houston South Mission sang the National Anthem.

On Aug. 9, Elder Bednar shared a video on Instagram of the missionaries singing. He said there was a “distinct hush that came over the crowd” and that, because of the goodness of the missionaries, the Spirit of the Lord was present.

“In a similar way, we can be a positive influence in the lives of people around us,” Elder Bednar said. “As the light of the Savior’s gospel shines in our countenances, we are setting an example that can bless our families and friends. May we always remember the impact our example can have on others.”

In an Aug. 4 Instagram post, President Russell M. Nelson testified of the power of the Book of Mormon and the impact studying it daily can have in one’s life. 

“If you will feast on the words of Christ found throughout the Book of Mormon, I promise that you will have greater power to resist temptation, increased ability to receive revelation, and greater capacity to deal with the challenges of life,” he said.

Later in the week on Twitter, he shared how individuals can communicate with God. “Through sincere prayer, you may reach out to your Heavenly Father at any time, and through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost, He will respond,” the post on Aug. 7 said.

President M. Russell Ballard, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, shared thoughts and feelings he has been pondering recently in a couple of Instagram posts this week. On Aug. 7, he reflected on the recent dedication of the Pioneer Children Memorial at This Is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

“Many of those early pioneers were limited in their education,” he said. “Some of them could not read or write. But they knew deep in their hearts that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ would always be with them.

After considering the definition of a pioneer, he concluded that we are all bound together with pioneers of the 19th century as well as modern pioneers as we all make our journey in following God’s teachings.

In an earlier Instagram post, President Ballard taught that everyone is blessed to be children of God. He then made the differentiation between being a child of God and being a disciple of God. 

“Being His child is a matter of birth,” he said in the Aug. 4 post. “Being His disciple is a matter of choice and the righteous exercise of your God-given agency.”

Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, Young Women general president, shared in a Facebook post on Aug. 5 how an outside walk presented an opportunity for her to gather with others and feel the Spirit. While enjoying the weather, she came across her neighbors. This reminded her of the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that says, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there will I be in the midst of them — even so am I in the midst of you.”

“When we take time to talk and enjoy conversations with those around us, we invite the Spirit to help us bring others to Christ, even in the moments when we meet by chance,” Sister Cordon said.

One evening while out walking, I found my neighbors who were also enjoying the nice weather. It was a happy coincidence…

Posted by Bonnie H. Cordon on Monday, August 5, 2019

A Facebook post on Aug. 4 by Sister Michelle D. Craig, first counselor in the Young Women general presidency, reminded people that they have daily opportunities to feel and spread joy. Sister Craig suggested that every time individuals see another person can be a chance to build them up.

“Let us be intentional about ‘scattering sunshine’ and lifting and blessing others with every interaction,” she said.

You and I have opportunities every day to feel joy and to spread joy. Every interaction with another person is an…

Posted by Michelle D. Craig on Sunday, August 4, 2019

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shared an insight on Twitter on Aug. 8 about the way people should reach out in serving their brothers and sisters.

“We are all children of one Heavenly Father,” he said. “We are all brothers and sisters. We are to reach out to those in need and help them — and not just by impressive declarations but by one-on-one help, eye-to-eye help, by lifting up those who are in need.”

In an Aug. 5 Facebook post, Sister Lisa L. Harkness, first counselor in the Primary general presidency, recounted the welcoming love she saw children feel at church in Africa. She said that because they feel something special there, children will often come to church by their own choice and without their family. 

“They feel welcomed and accepted by the teachers, leaders, and the other children,” Sister Harkness said. “Primary is a place where the gospel is taught in a loving way and where children can feel Heavenly Father’s love for them as they sing together. That’s what keeps these children and all children everywhere coming back. Every week.”

I experienced countless evidences of Heavenly Father’s love for His children during my recent travels to Africa….

Posted by Lisa L. Harkness on Monday, August 5, 2019

On Aug. 4, Sister Sharon Eubank, first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, shared a video highlighting her talk from the April 2019 general conference. The video provides encouragement and a heavenly perspective on everyone’s journey in following Jesus Christ. Along with the video, she posed this question: “Are you finding your way back?”

“Take courage. Keep your promises to God. Ask your questions. … Turn to Jesus Christ, who loves you still.” —Sharon EubankRead more here:

Posted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sunday, August 4, 2019