This Week on Social: Elder Rasband invites others to rethink how they use social media

This week on social media, President Russell M. Nelson gave frequent updates on his Latin America Ministry Tour, while other Church leaders shared how a gospel perspective can change the way people see themselves and others in every aspect of life.

Whether one is scrolling through social media, trying to maintain their standards around friends or serving alongside total strangers, keeping a focus on Christ can make it a meaningful experience.  

President Nelson made frequent updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter this week, sharing details and insights during his Latin America Ministry Tour

His Aug. 25 tweet shared photos of and feelings for the people of Guatemala as his tour started.

“Each time, I am impressed by their love for the Savior and for one another,” President Nelson said of his interactions with the people during his many visits to Guatemala. “They are examples to me.”

In an Aug. 26 tweet, he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to meet with Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez

“We discussed religious freedom and the importance of protecting families,” President Nelson said. “He was a thoughtful host who is very grateful for the help of our Church.”

The next day he shared photos on Facebook from Guatemala, Colombia and Ecuador. He taught that families are meant to help individuals become more like Jesus Christ. Furthermore, he testified that families are part of God’s plan of salvation and essential for exaltation.

We have met with thousands of good and faithful men, women, and children these past few days in Guatemala, Colombia, and…

Posted by Russell M. Nelson on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

President Nelson shared that he is “continually reminded of how God loves His children,” in an Instagram post on Aug. 29. He told about how he reminded people in Argentina that God desires “for us to approach Him in prayer.”

“Pour out your hearts to God,” he said. “Remember to pray to Him every morning and night. Pray with your families. Pray in private. Pray to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost. In doing so, He will direct you for good in everything you do.”

On Aug. 30, an Instagram post shared a photo of President Nelson meeting grateful individuals in Argentina who received wheelchairs provided by the Church and CILSA. 

“Ministering to those in need is at the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he said. 

In an Instagram post on Aug. 24, Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shared how he uses social media as part of his ministry as an apostle of Jesus Christ. He also invited followers to comment how they use social media in positive ways.

“It allows me to connect with others and share the Savior’s love and His gospel,” he said. “Every time I post on social media, I enjoy reading through your comments. I am grateful for this tool that gives me the opportunity to connect with you.” 

He also talked about pitfalls one can fall into through social media. He shared that President Russell M. Nelson has warned that if people give more of their attention to social media than the whisperings of the Spirit, they put themselves at spiritual and emotional risk.

“Our first priority should always be to be able to hear the whisperings of the Spirit,” Elder Rasband said. “I invite you to think carefully about how your social media use could be improved or revised.”

Sister Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society general president, also addressed the effects of social media in a Facebook post on Aug. 29. She posed the following question: “Ever scroll through social media and feel kind of, well, ordinary?” The post shared a link to a blog post she wrote in 2017 titled “For Any Woman Who Feels ‘Just Average.’” 

“Despite my imperfections,” she said in the post, “our Heavenly Father always sees my value, and I promise He sees yours.”

Ever scroll through social media and feel kind of, well, ordinary? Seeing the picture-perfect accomplishments,…

Posted by Jean B. Bingham on Thursday, August 29, 2019

On Aug. 30, Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles tweeted a link to a video recap of his October 2017 general conference talk called “Spiritual Eclipse.” The new five-minute YouTube video illustrates the principles taught in his address. 

Elder Stevenson’s invitation on Twitter: “Watch this short video about how to prevent obstructions or distractions in your daily lives from hindering your vision of gospel light.”

Sister Sharon Eubank shared her excitement in the success of the Feeding Children Everywhere service project Aug. 26-28 in conjunction with the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference held in Salt Lake City. Her Aug. 29 Facebook post reported the project prepared 501,380 meals, exceeding the goal of 375,000. 

She shared a photo of her serving next to a 6-year-old named Drake and his 5-year-old sister.

“These two demonstrate that even our youngest can follow the Savior and ‘go and do,’” Sister Eubank said. “Thank you so much for demonstrating what Utahns and Latter-day Saints do best: serve!”

501,380 meals!!! You were simply amazing. We far exceeded the goal of 375,000! The slots filled up and…

Posted by Sharon Eubank on Thursday, August 29, 2019

On Aug. 26, Sister Becky Craven of the Young Women general presidency shared on Facebook how sticking to her standards helped her make good friends and good choices. 

“Many of my friends were wonderful people who did not belong to the Church,” Sister Craven shared. “It came as a fun surprise later in life to learn that two of my dear friends had been influenced by my example. They were open to hearing messages from our missionaries, which led to their eventual conversion!” 

In the post, she shared a link to her article in the June issue of the Friend Magazine titled “Living My Standards” which shares ways for children to stick to their standards and be a good example to others around them. 

When I was a child, our family moved around a lot. It was hard sometimes, but I noticed that when I stuck to my…

Posted by Becky Craven on Monday, August 26, 2019