Elder Timothy J. Dyches: ‘Light Cleaveth Unto Light’

General Authority Seventy

Notable quotes:

“Our Heavenly Father did not abandon us to darkness but promised us light for our journey through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.”
“The greatest source of light that Heavenly Father imparts to you in mortality comes through the Holy Ghost, whose influence ‘shall enlighten your mind, [and] fill your soul with joy.’”
“If we ‘let God prevail in our lives,’ the light of the Holy Ghost will reveal that there is purpose and meaning in our trials.”

Summary points:

  • Through intensifying faith in Christ, light is received in intensifying measure until it dispels all surrounding darkness.
  • When desires and actions are centered on the covenant path, the Holy Ghost, as an inner light, will reveal and testify of truth, warn of danger, comfort and cleanse, and provide peace to the soul.  
  • Trials can transform one into a better, more complete individual with a firmer faith and brighter hope in Christ.

Talk summary:

While rappelling in a dark cave with his sons, Elder Dyches gained a deep appreciation for light.

The Savior’s spiritual light is equally as important as sunlight is for all life on Earth. The light of Christ, frequently called a conscience, leads to receiving the Holy Ghost’s influence, which is the greatest source of light from Heavenly Father in mortality. 

“Just as sunlight daily bathes the Earth to renew and sustain life, you can daily brighten the light within you when you choose to follow Him.”

“Sunshine” is added through seeking God in prayer, studying the scriptures, acting on guidance and revelation from living prophets and obeying and keeping the commandments.

Other ways to add “sunshine to the soul” include repentance, partaking of the sacrament, bearing testimony, sharing the gospel, serving others, attending the temple and acting in kindness, forgiveness and charity.

If sin has led to an unexpected and undesirable place, it is possible to pull back the curtain of darkness by approaching Heavenly Father with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. 

“Jesus Christ is the everlasting Light that still ‘shines in the darkness.’ There is no darkness that can ever suppress, extinguish, overpower or defeat that Light.”

About the speaker:

  • Elder Timothy J. Dyches received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in university studies, and a medical degree from Washington University Medical School.
  • As a young full-time missionary, he served in the Germany South Mission. He later served as president of the Oregon Portland Mission.
  • Elder Dyches was an ear, nose and throat surgeon in private practice and was in senior management at a national surgical management company.