New area organization advisers — a new calling for women in international areas — participate in first virtual meeting

Fifty women recently called as international area organization advisers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met virtually with general officers before the 191st Annual General Conference last week. 

Referring to the first meeting of its kind, Young Women General President Bonnie H. Cordon described it as “a historic day.”

“Sitting in my chair, watching each cherished face appear on screen as we gathered for a worldwide meeting — from Japan to Johannesburg, from Spain to São Paulo, and me right here in the United States — I couldn’t help but think back to the very first Relief Society meeting held by Emma Smith, Eliza R. Snow and their small group of faithful sisters,” she wrote in an Instagram post on April 5.

“Look how far we’ve come. … I believe that we will soon recognize these area advisers as a vital voice for women, young women and children at all levels. They are part of the Lord’s work of gathering Israel!”

The First Presidency has recently approved the calling of area organization advisers in areas outside the United States and Canada at the discretion of area presidencies. These leaders will help provide instruction and mentoring to local Relief Society, Young Women and Primary organizations and will serve for three to five years. 

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Many newly called area organization advisers are already participating in area councils, said Relief Society General President Jean B. Bingham

“Each of these women has served in many capacities in the Church and comes with a background that will be a strength to the area presidency as well as the local leaders,” President Bingham told the Church News in March. 

“The area presidencies who have called and set apart these women are also excited to have them provide needed insights and perspective in councils in their area.”

A newly called area organization adviser in the Caribbean Area, Sister Nadine L. Brown said she feels this calling is an opportunity to strengthen the growth of the Church and “keep pace with the hastening of this great work.”

Many Latter-day Saints in the Caribbean are first-generation members, she said. “I hope that as we continue to work arm in arm with priesthood leaders — counseling together on how we can invite others to come unto Christ, ministering to those that have come and help them make and keep their covenants — we can realize the blessings of a multigeneration Church here.”

Below is a list of areas where area organization advisers have been called, according to Newsroom:

  • Africa Central — Cameroon, DR Congo (2), Ethiopia, Kenya/Tanzania, Republic of Congo and Uganda
  • Africa South — Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • Asia North — Japan (2), Korea and Mongolia
  • Brazil — São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Joinville and Olinda
  • Caribbean — Puerto Rico, West Indies/Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic
  • Europe — Nordic Countries, Germany, Portugal/Spain, France/Italy, Eastern/Southeastern countries and UK/Ireland
  • Mexico — Oaxaca, Celaya and Ciudad Juárez
  • Philippines — Cagayan de Oro, Cebu and Bulacan
  • South America Northwest — Peru (3), Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and Bolivia
  • South America South — Argentina (3), Chile (3), Paraguay and Uruguay