President Nelson shares a memory of hope and gratitude on Thanksgiving

Marking the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, President Russell M. Nelson expressed both hope and gratitude as he recounted an experience on social media. 

Remembering one Thanksgiving from a few years ago when dozens of his family were present, President Nelson mentioned the differences among age groups who shared what they were each thankful for. 

“Generally, the children were thankful for food, clothing, shelter, family (and, occasionally, pets),” he wrote. “Our youth broadened their expressions to include gratitude for their country, freedom and church.”

The perspective noted by the adults present had a long-term nature to it. 

“The adults noted most of those items, but in addition mentioned the temple, their love of the Lord and appreciation for His Atonement,” he wrote. 

President Nelson concluded with an invitation to not only feel gratitude but to show it. 

“As you do so, your attitude of gratitude will strengthen the hope in Christ you feel, no matter the trials you face,” he wrote.