President Nelson invites all to ‘make room in your heart’ this Christmas for those struggling to feel the Savior’s love

As many are burdened with fear, uncertainty and the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic this Christmas season, President Russell M. Nelson shared a message of hope and joy with the world. 

“The Christmas season is near and dear to my heart, as I know it is to many of you,” President Nelson said in a video message released Thursday, Dec. 16. “Given all that we have experienced during this past year and more, may I share a message about how we can help transform lives during this special time of year?

“As you watch, I invite you to ponder the ways you personally can reach out and help others experience the light of Jesus Christ this Christmas.”

The three-minute message — titled “The Light of Christmas” — premiered on President Nelson’s social media channels and the Church’s YouTube channel. Following scenes of various indoor and outdoor lights being turned on, the video depicts gatherings of happy families, as well as those who are lonely and struggling during the season. 

One woman observes a family gathering from her car window and replies to a text message from her mom that she isn’t ready to come. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she drives away. In another scene, a mother reads a book to her two children in the back of a minivan on the side of the road. 

Other scenes include a father preparing a meal for his family in a tent and a woman at the graveside of a loved one. 

“This Christmas some are still waiting for the lights to come on again,” President Nelson acknowledged. “That is why we love to share the light of Jesus Christ when so many around us are burdened with fear and uncertainty.”

The Prophet then extended an invitation to his worldwide viewers: “I invite you to make room in your heart for those around you who may be struggling to see the light of the Savior and to feel His love.

“No gifts will mean as much as acts of pure love you offer to the lonely, the worn down and the weary,” he continued, as the video portrays various acts of service, such as putting uplifting notes on someone’s door, painting a house and delivering a meal to someone in need. 

“These are gifts that remind us and them of the true reason for the season — the gift of God’s Son Jesus Christ, who was born to cast out all fear and bring everlasting light and joy to all who follow Him.”

President Nelson concluded his message of hope and joy with well wishes for the holiday season. “I wish you, my beloved friends, a very merry Christmas and a joyful season of helping others see and feel the light of Jesus Christ,” he said. 

“I invite you to make room in your heart for those around you who may be struggling to see the light of the Savior and to feel His love.”

The video is part of the Church’s 2021 Light the World initiative, the theme of which is “Light the World With Love.” Service ideas are available at

This is the second time during President Nelson’s ministry that he has invited Latter-day Saints and others across the globe to join him for a video message

As the United States was preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving in November 2020, President Nelson asked the world to #GiveThanks

During that time, defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, racism, violence, political tensions and a lack of civility, President Nelson shared a “fast-acting, long-lasting spiritual remedy” on Nov. 20, 2020. 

“Its effects have been validated by scientists as well as men and women of faith,” he said. “I am referring to the healing power of gratitude. …

“Does gratitude spare us from sorrow, sadness, grief and pain? No, but it does soothe our feelings. It provides us with a greater perspective on the very purpose and joy of life.”

Within the first hour of the video release, it was viewed more than a million times and the #GiveThanks hashtag was trending on social media.