Video: Elder Renlund on how daily scripture study is like good nutrition

Elder Dale G. Renlund talks about the blessings of daily scripture study in a new Church News video titled ‘Daily Study’

Daily study of the Book of Mormon can be compared to good nutrition, said Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Just as eating nutritious meals every day is best for good physical health — as opposed to fasting for six days and then bingeing —good spiritual health requires daily scripture study.

“A recipe for good health is a good diet every day,” said Elder Renlund. 

This Church News video, titled “Daily Study,” features Elder Renlund talking about the blessing of consistent and daily gospel study.

“As we immerse ourselves in the Book of Mormon, it helps us understand the Savior and His role in the plan of salvation and exaltation,” he said. “It helps us have that eternal perspective, and that helps us that instead of being myopic and focusing on the challenge right at hand, we see the bigger picture.”

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