Want to contribute to the new Church hymnbook? Here are some tips to get in the groove

A lifelong student of music and poetry, Karen Davidson has learned a thing or two about writing hymns.

The author of "Each Life That Touches Ours For Good" and "O Savior, Thou Who Wearest A Crown," Davidson gave suggestions for aspiring hymn writers in the New Era nearly 20 years ago. Recently, she revisited those tips in an article for BYU Magazine. Here are two for those interested in making contributions to the newest edition of the hymnbook:

1. Look for inspiration

Good ideas can come from just about anywhere, Davidson said. This could be anything from personal experiences, scriptures or talks that have inspired you. Keep an eye out for gospel principles that are meaningful in your life and that translate well into a hymn.

2. Stick with simple wording

Davidson warned against using "biblical" language (things that end in -eth) when writing hymns.

"Your responsibility is to use words that have meaning in your own time," she told the New Era.

Using such formal language can create distance between the audience and the hymn, and while it isn't appropriate to use slang or informal language, Davidson advises against "stilted or artificial" language.

Read more of Davidson's tips here.

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