New video takes 'practice what you preach' to a whole new level released a video on Aug. 8 about the difference between attending church on Sunday and actually practicing religion to its fullest.

"This is a church," the video stated, showing a picture of a gray building with a tall spire.

"This is a believer," it then said, shifting to a scene of a man riding a train while reading a book of scripture.

Images of people serving one another in various settings — volunteering with the homeless or helping an opposing teammate during a soccer match — in the video also emphasized how religion can be lived in everyday settings.

It shows that religion goes beyond worshiping the Lord in a chapel. It includes worshipping Him every day in all aspects of our lives, including loving and serving those around us as He did.

The one-minute video closes with a reminder that religion requires action, concluding with the words, "Preached on Sunday. Practiced everyday."

Watch the full video here.

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