New FamilySearch video makes learning about ancestors more interactive and fun than ever before

A new video from FamilySearch shows viewers that they might have more in common with their ancestors than they think, and how memories can be recorded and preserved.

The video, titled "FamilySearch: Preserve Family Memories on Family Tree," shows a texting conversation between a mother and daughter as the daughter learns that her grandfather composed music just like she does. It then shows the daughter's process of researching her grandfather, including finding his obituary and looking at photos of him on his FamilySearch profile. She also adds scans of his sheet music to his FamilySearch profile.

"I remember (my grandpa) playing music at the holidays, but didn't know much beyond that," the daughter says at the end of the video, in a recording saved to FamilySearch. "Then I found out he also wrote music, like me. … I thought the best way I could honor his memory and talent was by sharing one of (his songs) here. Thanks for the music, grandpa."

Watch the full video on the FamilySearch YouTube channel.

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