Watch the new music video that reimagines ‘I am a Child of God’

The Bonner Family is well known for its musical prowess and has developed a reputation for creating inspiring and powerful songs that are uplifting and faith affirming. So it's no surprise that their latest music video, "Child of God," is already making waves on the internet.

Released Sept. 18 in anticipation of the upcoming film "Jane and Emma," which will be released on Oct, 12, the music video features all 10 of The Bonner Family members. Their voices join together with close-up images of various individuals in representing the diversity of God's children.

The music video follows the group's performance earlier this summer at the Church's 'Be One' event, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1978 revelation on the priesthood.

Much like the film "Jane and Emma," for which the music video was created, the song "Child of God" shares a message of hope, faith, friendship and unity found through the gospel of Christ.

Watch the video here: