Animated, kid-friendly video puts Book of Mormon story about Christ’s birth in a whole new light

A Book of Mormon story about the birth of Christ is portrayed in a new animated video by the Church.

"Samuel and the Star," published on Dec. 6, tells the story of Samuel the Lamanite (an ancient American prophet in the Book of Mormon) and how he prophesied that the Savior would be born in five years from that time.

The people in the Americas, he said, would be able to tell when Christ was born in Bethlehem by watching a sign in the sky — one night the sun would set, and yet the world would stay light as though it were day.

"In just five years the Lord will come upon a star-lit night to save mankind from all their sins and give the world his light," the narration states in the video.

The three-minute video video speaks in rhyme throughout the clip, giving it a kid-friendly, storybook feeling. When Samuel the Lamanite's prophecy comes true, the video then concludes by stating that the Lord always fulfills his promises.

Watch the full video here.