LDS Charities and JustServe launch #YouCanDoSomething campaign — here’s how you can get involved

LDS Charities announced its partnership with to launch the #YouCanDoSomething initiative on March 1, reported. This initiative invites people to serve locally and donate to good causes globally.

“Each of us can have an impact in our communities. When we give our time to serving others, it brightens the world around us and our own lives. Opportunities to serve are everywhere,” the announcement on states.

From March 1 through August, 2019, LDS Charities and JustServe will highlight ways others are serving. They will also provide service ideas for those who want to participate.

“Many people wonder how they can help with the Church’s humanitarian efforts. We’re so excited to partner with JustServe to inspire people to serve and then give them a place to find service opportunities,” said Matt Heaps, a product manager with LDS Charities.

Church members can get involved by sharing one of the #YouCanDoSomething videos which will be posted on the LDS Charities Facebook page and on the LDS Then, find an organization and an opportunity to serve locally. Individuals are encouraged to share their experiences by using the hashtags #JustServe and #YouCanDoSomething.

For more information on how to find and volunteer with local organizations in your community, read the full article.