Video: See how a partnership between the Church and CILSA is inspiring hope, changing lives

A partnership between the Church and CILSA — a nongovernmental organization in Argentina — is highlighted in a Church News video.

In this partnership, Latter-day Saint Charities makes and individualizes wheelchairs while CILSA distributes them throughout the country to those in need. Wheelchairs bring respect and increase the quality of life to those who receive them.

Prior to speaking at a devotional in front of 12,000 Latter-day Saints on Wednesday, Aug. 28, President Russell M. Nelson had the opportunity to reach out to many children who received these wheelchairs. As part of his Latin America Ministry Tour, the prophet witnessed the life-changing impact new wheelchairs had on children who otherwise would have been unable to fully participate in daily activities, such as attending school.

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In a Church News article, Gustavo Mernies, president of the Buenos Aires Argentina Belgrano Stake, spoke about the influence of the partnership between the Church and CILSA.

“What is my definition of this partnership? It is a miracle,” he said. “It allows us to reach out to people to help when they need it, how they need it.”

Silvia Carranza, president of CILSA, noted in the Church News article how the act of giving brings out Christlike characteristics in everyone.

“Giving to others means seeing Jesus Christ in the other person,” Carranza said. “When we see Jesus Christ in the other person, it is impossible not to give.”

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