Music and the Spoken Word: ‘Of bridges and transitions’

Editor’s note: “The Spoken Word” is shared by Lloyd Newell each Sunday during the weekly Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square broadcast. This was previously broadcast and will be given again on June 14, 2020.

Life is often compared to a pathway. And, as most of us know by experience, that pathway is rarely smooth and straight. Rather, it takes us on a journey of peaks and valleys, twists and turns. Some of these are expected: Childhood passes into youth. Youthful life evolves into adulthood and, eventually, into life’s twilight. We know these changes are coming, and we can prepare ourselves to transition from one stage to another.

Other transitions are less predictable. We might transition from being single to married, from unemployment to a steady job, from health to chronic illness, or any of these in reverse. We know that life’s path must take us through such changes; otherwise we will never really go anywhere. Still, it can be hard to transition from the familiar to the unknown.

A young man and his father took an adventurous hike in a remote mountainous area. At one point their path brought them to a wide, deep chasm. The only way forward was to cross a long suspension bridge.

At first they were hesitant. Was the bridge safe? But then they saw the firm anchors on either side and the strong cables that held the span in place. Seeing the strength of the bridge and knowing that many others had gone this way before them, they confidently crossed the chasm and continued their journey.

If we want to safely cross the bridges that span from one stage of life to another, we need secure anchors and strong connections. We can be anchored by values that do not shift with the times, by truth that does not sway in the winds of change.

Connections with family, friends and mentors will give us confidence that we can make lasting and meaningful progress in our transitions through life. Perhaps no anchor is stronger, no connection more important, than our relationship with the divine and our trust in heaven’s help.

No matter the transitions we must make, no matter the bridges we must cross, if we are anchored in truth and connected to those who love and support us, we can rest assured that we will arrive safely on the other side.

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