‘All in’ podcast: Sarah Jane Weaver reflects on 25 years of amplifying a prophet’s voice

After 25 years of documenting the ministry of prophets, apostles and general officers of the Church, Sarah Jane Weaver reflects on the lessons she has learned not only from Church leaders, but from members of the Church throughout the world. On this week’s episode of LDS Living’s “All In” podcast, Weaver, the editor of Church News, looks back on a career that has taken her places she never dreamed of, both literally and figuratively.

“I always say that I look at the Church through the Church News window. …I’m certainly not doing anything different than any other member of the Church is, I just have a unique view into what our Church leaders do, how they act, how they minister, what they teach. And that view from the Church News window is profound, and it’s beautiful.”

Listen to the podcast and read the transcript at ldsliving.com.