This week on social: National Day of Prayer, temples and Trojan horses

In commemoration of the United States National Day of Prayer May 6,  President Russell M. Nelson and three Apostles took to social media to teach and bear testimony of the power of prayer.

President M. Russell Ballard 

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Earlier this week, President Nelson also announced plans to preserve the “pioneer craftsmanship, artwork and character” of the Manti Utah Temple and to construct a second temple in the area, in Ephraim, Utah. In a social media post May 1, he testified of “the Lord’s hand in guiding this work.”

On June 13, Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; President Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society general president; and Sister Sharon Eubank, first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, will all participate in a Face to Face event for single adults. They each posted about it on their social media pages and extended an invitation to prepare for the event. 

Brother Milton Camargo, first counselor in the Sunday School general presidency, shared the two verses that stood out to him from this week’s “Come, Follow Me” assignment in the Doctrine and Covenants.

In a social media post on May 7, Sister Amy A. Wright, second counselor in the Primary general presidency, recalled a distinct impression she received while she was on the way to meet with Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: “You are going to be called to serve as the second counselor in the Primary general presidency.”

Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught about the divine destiny of Heavenly Father’s daughters during BYU Women’s Conference last week. 

“You can be a light in this darkening world, to stand as witnesses of God and His righteousness at all times, no exceptions, and find joy in serving,” he wrote on his social media pages following his address.

A lawyer of over 30 years, President Camille N. Johnson, Primary general president, believes there is a reason it is referred to as the “practice” of law. During BYU Women’s Conference last week, she recounted that she has never taken a perfect deposition, nor conducted a perfect cross-examination — ”there was always another question or a better question I could have asked.”

“The Savior, whose grace makes eternal perfection possible, gives us opportunities to practice,” she taught on social media May 3.

The theme of this year’s BYU Women’s Conference, “I Am a Child of God. His Promises Are Sure,” is one that has brought peace to Sister Michelle D. Craig’s soul during “a year of uncertainty and turmoil.”

“Knowing that we are bound to God because of covenants, I know that we can be armed with the power of God,” wrote the first counselor in the Young Women general presidency, in a social media post May 3.

On May 1, President Henry B. Eyring, second counselor in the First Presidency, shared a tender story about his young granddaughter as she attended the Brigham City Temple open house with her family.

“It was clear that she had hoped to see Jesus, not for a confirming miracle of His existence but simply because she loved Him,” he wrote.

“What have you learned about the principles highlighted in the April general conference talks?” asked Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in a social media post May 4.

He invited his followers to “revisit these messages often and pray to know how to apply these principles in your own individual circumstances.”

When Elder Cook was a youth, he was watched over and mentored by Brother Dean Eyre, a “devoted leader in our congregation.” Elder Cook wrote of Brother Eyre’s lasting influence on him in a social media post May 7.

“How grateful I am for the strengthening influence of leaders and mentors who reach out with love and care for our youth,” he said.

On May 3, Sister Rebecca L. Craven, second counselor in the Young Women general presidency, related the story of the Trojan horse to deceptions and distractions used by the adversary to “minimize our identity and self-worth.”

“Each of us can probably identify a few ‘Trojan horses’ that we need to unmask to better reach our divine potential,” she wrote in a social media post.

Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Sister Lesa Stevenson, taught about the importance of vision and balance in a worldwide devotional for young adults May 2. 

“Our spiritual vision comes from our gospel perspective and allows us to align priorities and keep them properly balanced,” he wrote in a social media post following the devotional.

Elder Andersen posted about a recent experience performing baptisms in the Bountiful Temple with his family members.

“Going to the temple is a wonderful experience because it brings so much joy,” he wrote on May 6. “I pray you will also have the chance to attend the temple with your family soon.”