Watch: Children describe how they feel the Savior’s love

For one Primary child, feeling the Savior’s love “feels like He’s hugging me.” For another, “When I’m mad or sad, He helps me feel better.”

A new Church video — released May 13 and titled “I Feel My Savior’s Love” — features Primary-age children from around the world sharing testimonies of the Savior and how they feel His love. 

Vocalist Evie Clair performs the well-known Primary song “I Feel My Savior’s Love.” The video also includes artwork of the Savior. 

“Jesus is my friend and I love Him,” a child said. 

“Even though I can’t see my Savior, I know that He’s real,” said another. 

One child said if she saw Jesus, “the first thing I’ll do is say thank you for all the wonderful things you gave us.”

The children also testified of the Savior’s universal love: “He loves each one of us, even if we’re different,” one said. 

Watch the video on the Church’s YouTube channel.