How sincere prayer and humility help Elder Andersen #HearHim

Like many, Elder Neil L. Andersen has found that when a loved one or friend suggests things he needs to change, the natural man inside of him sometimes responds first: “Who are you to judge?”

“However, when I’m kneeling humbly before my Heavenly Father and asking in the depth of sincerity, ‘Father, what do I need to change? Where do I need to repent? Where am I lacking?’ a calm feeling comes over me,” he said in a #HearHim video released Monday, Dec. 27. “And at the appropriate time, I hear Him.”

In the video and accompanying blog post on, the member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles described how sincere prayer and humble reflection helps him hear the voice of the Lord.

“Honest, sincere, personal prayer in those quiet moments opens the window to revelation from our Heavenly Father,” Elder Andersen said. “We hear Him. He speaks to us. …

“As we hear Him and act on the spiritual direction we receive from Him, He showers His Spirit and His approval upon us. There is nothing better than that — feeling His approval, feeling His Spirit.”

In the blog post, Elder Andersen detailed an experience he had many years ago in which he was dealing with a difficult situation. He took the problem to President James E. Faust, the late member of the First Presidency, who Elder Andersen was working with at the time. 

Rather than giving him the answer, President Faust responded, “Well, Neil, have you prayed about it?”

Elder Andersen told him he had. Then he said: “Have you prayed all night like Enos prayed? … When you do that, you will have your answer.” 

“He was right,” Elder Andersen recalled. “When I prayed for an extensive period of time, the answer came clearly.”

Elder Andersen also wrote about how he hears the voice of the Lord through the influence of his wife, Sister Kathy Andersen. 

“I have found that having the Spirit of the Lord with me very much depends on how I interact with my precious, dear companion. If I want to feel the Spirit of the Lord strongly in my life, then I need to be responsive to her, quick to listen to her, and slow to be impatient with her. …

“My relationship with Kathy has influenced my ability to have the Spirit with me and to hear Him more than any other thing in my life.”

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