Video: How an interfaith friendship is creating a ‘Sacred Bridge’

This Church News video, titled “A Sacred Bridge,” features the Rev. Dr. Andrew Teal, whose mission is to grow unity between faiths through understanding

In July of 2018, President David Checketts and Sister Deb Checketts arrived in London to oversee the England London Mission and were invited to participate in an “Inspiring Service” hosted by the Rev. Dr. Andrew Teal of Oxford University and involving religious leaders from numerous faith traditions, including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Checkettses asked if they could bring their missionaries to Pembroke chapel. Understanding grew as the Checkettses and their missionaries learned from Rev. Teal and he learned from them.

This Church News video, titled “A Sacred Bridge,” features their friendship.

“It was a pure gift from heaven to meet the Rev. Teal and then to meet his family,” said President Checketts. “We constantly refer to it as the miracle of our mission.”

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