Australian member tells story of overcoming addiction, returning to Church

Jath Kevener was 23 when he joined the Church in Adelaide, Australia, but things started to go downhill from there.

He moved to a different part of town where it became easier to not attend church meetings. Kevener started to hang around the wrong type of people, and soon his life was consumed by drugs and alcohol.

At one point Kevener had 23 piercings on his face and plenty of tattoos on his body to match.

"I remember waking up and drinking what was left from a bottle from the night before and then walking to the bottle shop to get more," Kevener said.

Kevener remembered turning his head and shying away whenever he passed the church building. He knew "Heavenly Father knew I wasn't there" and felt guilty for not going.

So, when missionaries once again knocked on his door 12 years after his initial conversion, Kevener knew it was a message from Heavenly Father that it was time to come back.

"Once I went back to church, I had purpose," Kevener said. "Now I wake up, open the Book of Mormon, do some reading and my day is instantly better."

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