Watch this video from 'His Grace' series on finding hope after bullying, suicidal thoughts

Identified as JaQuavious in the newest Mormon Channel video for the 'His Grace' series, a young man described how years of bullying and taunting caught up to him.

The years of pain had made him depressed, and on an afternoon while he was home alone, JaQuavious' thoughts turned to taking his own life. He tried to reach out to everyone who he thought cared about him.

"I called about 13 people. Not a single person answered," he said in the video.

JaQuavious felt truly, completely alone.

"The pain went from mentally, to emotionally, to I could feel it in my bones," JaQuavious remembered. "It turned physically painful."

He prayed to God for help, but didn't feel like he received any immediate answer. He did feel, however, an impression to "wait and see what I do."

"If God comes and answers your prayers right away, what kind of strength are you going to obtain?" JaQuavious said.

The feeling gave him enough hope to realize that he still had a future. As life went on, JaQuavious began to recognize Heavenly Father's hand in his life. Sometimes it was a much needed feeling of hope, other times it was as simple as someone giving him a smile or a wink. It gave him the hope to go on.

Despite those hopeful moments, JaQuavious realized he was still feeling deeply depressed. Over time, he realized he needed to accept that even though he was not happy at the moment, "true happiness came from knowing that I'm still okay and that I can do this."

To hear more of JaQuavious' story, watch the video here.

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