Memorable moment: How President Nelson interacts with children during his travels

MONTREAL, Quebec — Following the Aug. 19 devotional meeting in Montreal’s Palais des congrès, President Russell M. Nelson and Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shared a little exchange in a media interview later that evening on noticing the children in the congregation.

President Nelson: “There were a lot of little children who would wink and wave at me. I look for that, so I can wave back at them. Then they poke their mother or their daddy — ‘Hey, he looked at me.’ ”

Elder Andersen: “And they don’t believe that — the parents don’t believe that.”

President Nelson: “I wait for the second wave, and then I wave at them again.”

Elder Andersen: “President Nelson is so thoughtful to the children wherever he goes. He reaches down to them. If you look at his pictures all over the world, many times he’s got a child in his arms and they’re naturally attracted to him because …”

President Nelson: “They like grandfathers. …”

Elder Andersen: “Well, more than that. They love the prophet of the Lord.”