How one couple found strength in each other, even as the husband left the Church

After nine years of marriage and while preparing their oldest child for baptism, Brandon and Rebecca faced a challenge they had never expected.

“During that time I think I was just kind of going through the motions …,” Brandon said in a Mormon Channel video posted on Nov. 8. "And I had to tell her, I had to tell her I didn’t believe in God.”

In her shock and confusion at the change in her husband's beliefs, Rebecca said she felt her “world had just crashed.” She feared how his decisions would change and affect their family. She also worried that his decision to leave the Church would result in him abandoning his values — and eventually, their family — and the life they had built together.

For a while, Brandon and Rebecca simply stopped communicating with one another. They were both in pain and didn’t know how to share that with one another. But when they both decided they wanted to make things work, they were able to find a way through.

“We both knew we didn’t want to go anywhere,” Rebecca said. “We wanted to stay together. We always loved each other so much and were each others’ best friends.”

In an effort to mend their relationship and keep their family together, they began seeing a counselor, and through persistence in their commitment, and Rebecca’s faith, the couple found a way to make their marriage work. Together, they made the decision to continue raising their daughters in the Church, and the couple respects one another in their differing beliefs.

When loved ones leave the Church or lose their faith, it can be difficult to find a new balance, the video says, and the path of every family and every situation will be different. But finding a new balance is still possible.

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