Video: How 1 man is finding hope in his recovery from pornography addiction

In the latest installment of the “His Grace” series, one man shared his experience with pornography addiction.

Although he never thought of himself as an addict, Steve’s problem escalated to the point where he had multiple affairs and his wife learned of his actions.

“I just was convinced that my life was over,” he said in the clip. “There was nowhere to go, there was nothing I could do. I was not sure that I wanted to go on. It was the worst day and it was probably the best day as well because it was the start of my recovery.”

After visiting with his bishop and receiving counseling, Steve attended a pornography addiction workshop and eventually attended the Church’s 12-step recovery program. His wife also received counseling and attended a recovery program for spouses.

In the video, Steve stated that he initially wanted God to simply make his pain go away. But he ultimately realized that he needed to take action and that he was not alone in the journey.

“I hadn’t been able to see past my problems to see that Heavenly Father wanted to help me,” he said. “I had to be willing to trust Him, to take the step to turn my life over to Him.”

Although the road ahead will not be easy, Steve said that Heavenly Father has given him a way to move forward and that he has hope in his recovery.

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