4 things bishoprics are encouraged to do in January to help youth progress

The Young Men and Young Women general presidencies are encouraging bishoprics to work closely with ward youth leaders to complete four actions this month to help youth progress on the covenant path.

According to a notice sent to general and local leaders on Wednesday, Jan. 13, bishoprics are encouraged to do the following early in the year, preferably in January:

  • Ordain all worthy young men turning 12, 14 and 16 to the appropriate priesthood office.
  • Review the organization of Young Women classes with the Young Women presidency. Adjust as needed to meet the young women’s needs.
  • As needed, call, set apart and orient new quorum and class presidencies. With help from adult leaders and advisers, make sure quorum and class presidencies receive the five leadership lessons in the Gospel Library.
  • Issue limited-use temple recommends to worthy youth turning 12. Renew recommends for other worthy youth as needed. Encourage all youth to participate in temple ordinances where possible.

The bishopric and Young Women presidency should work with the ward clerk to make sure Church records are updated.

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The Young Men and Young Women general presidencies also encourage Aaronic Priesthood quorum and Young Women class presidencies and ward youth councils to begin organizing summer youth activities, as local and Church health guidelines and circumstances allow. The stake youth leadership committee can help plan these activities.

“These actions can significantly improve the faith, retention and participation of youth, blessing both them and their families,” the notice states.