Here’s your virtual ticket for a week of BYU performing arts events

This article can be redeemed as your (virtual) all-access ticket to a week of free concerts, workshops and devotionals staged by Brigham Young University’s Performing Arts groups. 

Starting on Wednesday, April 28, the talents of the BYU Ballroom Dance Company, Living Legends, Vocal Point, Young Ambassadors and the International Folk Dance Ensemble will be on full, digital display.

The events will highlight dance, music and culture from around the globe. View the full streaming schedule at

Despite limitations imposed by the pandemic, the weeklong online event will allow performers to connect once again with their loyal audience — and make a few new fans.

“I’ve been impressed and inspired by the resiliency of our students. They are looking forward to performing in this alternative format,” said Curt Holman, director of BYU Ballroom Dance in a BYU news release. “It’s an opportunity for the students to do what they love. They want to perform what they’ve been practicing. Doing this virtually means that we are going to connect with some people we wouldn’t have connected with otherwise.”

A tradition since 1960, BYU performing arts groups travel and perform live overseas at the end of each school year. Each of these groups was slated to tour internationally this year too, but due to travel restrictions related to the pandemic and out of concern for the health and safety of everyone involved, performing groups will remain on campus and stream their performances to a global audience, the release noted.

BYU senior Dion Tapahe, a member of Living Legends, said the BYU performers are simply grateful to have the opportunity to perform once again.

“My favorite part of performing is being able to share my culture with people,” she said. “The virtual tour gives us the opportunity to reach people we wouldn’t have reached with a traditional performance. We are excited to see different people from many countries tune in.”

Performances begin on Wednesday, April 28 at 7 a.m. MDT. There will be five performances each day in order to accommodate viewers around the world at optimal viewing times. On Sunday, May 2, and Monday, May 3, the performers will host several devotionals where they will share their experiences and testimonies with other young adults.

In addition to the streamed performances and devotionals, several workshops will be taught via social media. In these workshops, viewers can interact with the performers and learn cultural songs and dances from the comfort of their own homes.

“When we were told that we can’t dance or we can’t perform in front of a live audience, we had to get creative,” said Holman. “We’ve mastered what it takes to stream a performance and we are excited about the world tour.”

Due to the limits of live performance licensing, the virtual concerts will only be broadcast live and will not be available to view on demand following the end of the livestream.