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‘Come Create With Me’: See 5 videos for kids related to Old Testament stories

Gospel for Kids YouTube channel features simple drawing lessons and rock art related to ‘Come, Follow Me’

Alice Cartwright, 7, participates in a drawing activity during the English recording of a Friend to Friend broadcast in the Motion Pictures Studio in Provo, Utah, on Dec. 14, 2021.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

One way to help children learn Old Testament stories with “Come, Follow Me” is to create something related to the story or principle they are learning.

The Church’s Gospel for Kids YouTube channel includes “Come Create With Me” videos designed for just that — teaching children how to build or draw something from “Come, Follow Me.”

Below are five “Come Create With Me” videos related to Old Testament stories. Subscribe to the Gospel for Kids YouTube Channel for more. New videos are added frequently.

1. How to draw a temple

Learn how to draw a mountain top and temple of the Lord — like the place Isaiah speaks of in his prophecy of the latter days.

2. How to make Job with rock art

In this video, Patti Rokus, the rock artist, arranges stones into shapes that resemble pets and relates love for pets to the story of Job while also teaching about trusting God.

3. How to draw Esther’s crown

Learn to draw a crown for Esther, the queen to King Ahasuerus, who helped save and preserve her people. The image of her crown can be reminder to stand up for what is right in the sight of the Lord.

4. How to make Elisha the Prophet with rock art

Rokus, the rock artist, uses stones and sticks to recreate the scene of an army of angels protecting the prophet Elisha.

5. How to draw David and Goliath

Learn how to draw David and Goliath and what this story teaches about Heavenly Father helping His children overcome difficult challenges.

For more resources for children, download the Gospel for Kids app for iOS and Android devices.

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