Latter-day Saints at central Utah meetinghouse treated for carbon monoxide poisoning

54 people reported symptoms and 49 received treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning at Dec. 31 Sunday services

More than 50 people who attended Sunday worship services at a meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Monroe, Utah, reported symptoms or were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning over the weekend, according to multiple media reports.

Emergency personnel initially responded to two medical calls at the Church’s Monroe East chapel on Dec. 31 that involved a 4-year-old girl with breathing problems and a man who was feeling sick.

When a third call reported a family with headaches, the Monroe City Fire Department checked the building and found elevated levels of carbon monoxide, which resulted in an evacuation of the building.

Twenty-two people were hospitalized, according to the Associated Press.

Fifty-four people reported symptoms and 49 received treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning, according to NBC News and a Church statement.

The Church is taking the matter seriously and is investigating the cause of the malfunction with the chapel’s heating system, Church spokesperson Sam Penrod said in a statement.

“The meetinghouse will remain closed until we can ensure the safety of the building,” Penrod said. “The Church is working to support medical and other expenses for those affected. We are concerned for the well-being of everyone impacted and are praying for their recovery.”

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office and emergency medical workers and ambulances from nearby counties responded to provide treatment and assistance.

“We want to thank all the ambulance and hospital staff for their assistance in making all the transports possible, and the ambulance services who were on standby just in case,” the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Just another example of how rural Utah works together to overcome critical incidents.”

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